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League tables, 2011/12 (archive)

Division: 1 - Croydon Shield

Str A WW 1 CCF A CP A Pld.Match Pts.Game Pts.
Streatham A1.53.532.52.52.56515.5
West Wickham 10.52.532.533.56515
CCF A1.511.511.52.5619
Crystal Palace A1.51.50.511.52.5618.5

Division: 2 - Martin Cath Trophy

WW 2 Str C CP B SN A Wall A Str B CCF B Pld.Match Pts.Game Pts.
West Wickham 22232.523.564.515
Streatham C202.
Crystal Palace B242.51.521.56313.5
South Norwood A11.51.533262.512
Wallington A1.51.52.512362.511.5
Streatham B22.52120.562.510
CCF B0.502.5213.561.59.5

CCF B fielded an ineligible player in their match against Streatham C. The affected game has been scored as a draw for Streatham C and a loss for CCF B and a match point has been deducted from CCF B's total.

Division: 3 - Dave Luckin Trophy

Wall C WW 3 Wall B CP C Str E Lew Str D SN B SCBG Pld.Match Pts.Game Pts.
Wallington C2.51.53.53412485.521.5
West Wickham 31.52.5233.52.51485.520
Wallington B2.51.541132.548519.5
Crystal Palace C0.5202332.548517
Streatham E1132033484.517
Streatham D31.51112.52383.515
South Norwood B231.51.500.5238313.5
Sth. Croy. Bus Garage00000111803